St. Luke's Church moved into its new Church and School building at Easter 2000. We have a purpose built entrance, office, meeting room and chapel and fibre optic lighting in the cross at the top of the stainless steel church spire. In the beautiful chapel we have a Mosaic, from the old church building, and a modern wooden and glass Altar made by a local craftsman as a one off commission.

We use the school hall for Sunday Worship at 10.30 a.m. where we enjoy Stained Glass Windows of the Apostles by Kemp, that came to us from the Royal Marine Chapel at Deal in Kent when it closed. St. Luke's has modern lighting, heating, seating and PA, which help us to get the most from our building and our worship. We are fully accessible to the disabled.

St. Luke's Congregation has grown twenty fold in the past twenty years. Including children we now expect to have about a hundred in church each Sunday. Over 90% of our church membership come from ethnic minority backgrounds, which is a joy and perhaps something of a glimpse of heaven!

We have a weekly Sunday School as part of our Sunday Morning worship programme for children in Reception to Year 5. Our worship is designed to accommodate children under and over this age.

We also have seasonal mid week Bible Studies through the year and occasional Special Services.

St. Luke's has helped to set up a range of Community Projects that happen each week. We are continually seeking to respond to the needs of our community in new ways and are always open to new ideas. In our work we always seek to adopt a 'bottom up' and not 'top down' approach. If you have an idea for what you think we should be doing why not let us know.

The community work that St. Luke's Church has helped to set up, has a reputation for being both innovative and value for money. If you would be interested in supporting St. Luke's, as we seek to serve our very needy community, we would be pleased to hear from you. We are currently funded from a wide range of sources including our congregation, generous individuals, a Livery Company and some grant making trusts. However, there is always more work we can do when we have the resources.

If you would like to learn more, or find out how to get involved then please feel free to contact us here .