St. Luke's seeks to be a welcoming, growing and outward looking Church family. We believe that we are called to be 'Good News' to our community by being 'salt & light' in the midst of it.

St Luke's always aims to work in partnership with other local churches, projects and agencies so we avoid duplicating the efforts of others. We want to free others and be free ourselves to excel in our strengths, whilst supporting others and being supported in our weaknesses.

St Luke's Church has agreed the following Vision Statement:

'In the light of God's call, and our situation here, Our Vision is:

To Share the Gospel by:
  • focusing on worship, prayer and care in the midst of our changing community.
  • valuing individuals of all ages and backgrounds and encouraging them to grow.
  • supporting the powerless and marginalised, whilst welcoming the powerful, as much of our community is redeveloped.
  • continuing to rejoice at the diversity of our community and congregation.
  • growing and preparing a changing congregation for new challenges.
  • working in partnership with others for the good of all whenever we can.

So that we can be the Church of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow HERE.

We are committed to working with our community and building bridges with it. Dave Wade, Vicar since 1995, has helped St. Luke's achieve its dream of being a strong Church family, with its own building, that serves its community in many ways and places. To help us in this work we have two Associate Priests, Ven Emeka Ejinkonye and Rev Ife Chukuka. We have a Lay Reader Carole Davison. We also have a Youth Worker Amy Stott.

St. Luke's Church is made up of people who are all at a different place in their journey with God. Some are just starting out others have been travelling a lifetime. Our goal is that we all travel together along the path that God has called us to.

Rev'd Canon Dave Wade is Vicar of St. Luke's and Honory Cannon of Chelmsford Cathedral. He loves his job and can think of nowhere he would rather be. Dave is amazed at the changes God has enabled to take place at St. Luke's in recent years and he is certain that St. Luke's is now well placed to serve God and its local community for many years to come. The completion of the new St. Luke's Church Centre and School at Easter 2000 and our continued work in many locations around the parish means St. Luke's Church can now serve and impact its community in ways that has not been possible for many years. Dave was elected to the General Synod of the Church of England in 2000- 2005. He is interested in Urban Theology and the needs of the poor. Dave is married to Nicky who works in a local school. She is also the Director of Music at St. Luke's. Jazmin is their daughter.

Ven Emeka Ejinkonia joined the ministry team at St Luke's as a Curate in 2008. However Emeka and his family have worshiped at St Luke's for many years, and Emeka has been involved actively in worship througout this time. Emeka is a "Self Supporting Minister", who works as a Manager for a London Bus Company. Emeka is married to Liz and they have four children, Joshua, Liz, Sharon and David. Emeka was made an Hon. Archdeacon in Nigeria and will help to support IT links in the clergy.

Carole Davison is our Lay Reader, Carole also excercises a wider ministry across the Deanery. Carole works in our local Six Form College and has a passion for working with both children and young people. Carole is married to Peter and they have two sons. Carole leads our Sunday School team and organises Active Church for St. Luke's.

Amy Stott is the youth worker at St Luke's and has been part of the team at St Luke's since September 2011. When not working at St Luke's, Amy works for Newham Youth for Christ and she is passionate about helping young people meet Jesus and grow in their relationship with him. Amy loves sport, spending time with people and she's a keen musician too.
Dave Wade
welcome to st. Luke's Church E16
Dave Wade

Parish Information

Parish Information

For information regarding Parish Registers and copies of certificates relating to Marriages and Baptisms see below:

St Luke's, holds Baptism Records from July 1978 and Marriage Registers from January 2002.
Before these dates all records are held in the Diocesan Archive.
To access these records please contact:


Mr Stephen Dixon
Archive Services Manager- Essex Record Office
Wharf Road

Phone: 01245 244644